In February, A Pass stated his reasons why he believes it isn’t a bad thing to support President Museveni. Yesterday, he stated other reasons why he wants Museveni to go.

According to a post shared on his Facebook page, Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass noted that he surely does love President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and is grateful for his works.

He is, however, fed up of hearing the fountain of honor talk about what he wants to do for the nation without putting the promises into action.

He therefore wants change and that change to bring a man who will be able to walk the talk and achieve more than fail.

#M7MustGo with all due respect and love. I love the president of my country Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and I thank him for everything, good and bad, winnings and failures. No one is perfect in this world.

I love how you talk about how you want the best for Uganda and Africa, your words are very powerful but you see the works are not.

A man can talk anything but to live that talk can be very hard and I see that you have failed more than you have achieved for the people so I think it’s time to go with love. Thank You Sir.

A Pass

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