UK-based Ugandan Singer, Songwriter and Producer Angela Nabuufu (25) is now a proud CEO of Ang3l Studios located in North London, Tottenham – the same town where she grew up in the United Kingdom.

We spoke to her about a few thing concerning her new recording studios and the inspiration behind being the project from only recognized Ugandan female producer.

MBU: What is the inspiration behind the whole Ang3l Studios project?

Ang3lina: A lot of things to be honest. One of them being that production was always going to be my retirement plan. I plan on opening another Ang3l studios in Uganda eventually.

Another thing being that I was tired of producing from my home, in my personal space you know. You can imagine recording artists in your house all the time. You lose that sense of privacy when everyone knows where you live.

MBU: Where are the new studios located?

Ang3lina: Ang3l studios is located in North London, the same town that I grew up in the UK which is: Tottenham.

MBU: How do local artistes in Uganda get a chance to record at the studios?

Ang3lina: I mean they will definitely always be welcome to my studio whenever they are in town or come to London for a show. But hey, we live in a digital world right? We can always get work done. Thank God for the internet.

MBU: Do the studios have a permanent producer?

Ang3lina: Yes. I have 2 in-house permanent producers.

MBU: Does this mean you’re now gonna concentrate on music production and less singing?

Not really. I mean I’ve always been doing production. Just on a lowkey tip. I’ve never put my name on my beats or came up with a producer name for myself. But most of my songs that are out today, it’s always me on the original production.

The only difference is; I’m not producing in my bedroom anymore, lol. And that’s why I decided to get some in-house producers on board because I know sometimes I won’t be available 24/7 to be in the studio working.

All I can say now is expect more music because I’m pretty much gonna be in the studio everyday now by force. I have a business to run.

About Ang3lina

25-year-old Ang3lina kick-started her music career in August 2013. Her style of music ranges from Urban to Afro-pop to Dancehall to local Ugandan Zouk.

At the age of just 7, she taught herself how to play the piano and her music talents progressed over the years. She furthermore acquired skills in Songwriting, playing the guitar and Music Software/Studio production.

She is commands a relatively big following with fans in Uganda and abroad with songs like Ghetto Lovin’, Sigwakukoma, Oh Na Na, Drum Drum, Go Down, Tooucing Body, The One, Gimme Your Luv, Kasonso, The One, etc

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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