Having come across photos and videos showing Nina Roz and Daddy Andre at a Kukyala ceremony, Angella Katatumba sent out a congratulatory message while revealing how she was emotionally drained.

Towards the end of 2019, Daddy Andre and Angella Katatumba dominated the headlines for a greater part as they showered each other with their newfound love.

It didn’t last long, however, and by March 2020, they had bitterly split with the songstress revealing how the producer had refused to take an HIV test on top of other reasons.

In moving on, it was tough for Daddy Andre who was marred with several controversial moments including one where an upcoming songstress J-Pafra pinned her for begging for sex during studio sessions.

On and on, he soldiered on and the past two months have had rumors flying around revealing how he is in a serious relationship with fellow singer Nina Roz.

Both artistes denied the allegations until Friday when photos and videos of their private Kukyala ceremony surfaced on the internet.

Upon seeing the photos, Katatumba ran to her Facebook page where she left a photo of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz and the caption; “Congratulations Daddy Andre and Nina Roz. #Emotional”

Last week, Katatumba revealed how she was unmoved by the rumors of Nina Roz carrying Daddy Andre’s baby. Well, maybe not!

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