Popular city pastor, Franklin Mondo Mugisha has described people and pastors who call him a spy, as criminals.

The controversial pastor who a few days ago released Julie Mutesasira Naluggya’s photos while kissing her fellow woman during their wedding labelled them as criminals during a talk show on Bukedde TV.

He further questioned that if the church was free of crime and other wrong doers why would they fear a spy around their premesis.

Pastor Mondo therefore warned whoever calls him a spy to stay alert that when he finds them doing anything wrong or in possession of firearms yet they claim to have holy spirit, he will expose them.

Any person or pastor who claims or believes that I am a spy is a criminal. If they are not criminals why would they think like that and why would they fear me.

If you’re sure that the church has no criminals and all other sorts of wrongdoers why do they fear a spy? Any person who tells you or points at me calling me a spy, you just get to know that that person is a spy.

And whoever says am a spy, yes, I am a spy. Because if I find you committing a crime or having a gun just know I will expose you because being a spy a job that is paid for.

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