NBS TV and NXT Radio presenter Zahara Totto moves on, from one Don to another, as she showers Don Bahati with kisses during a night out.

On Saturday night, at a party which was flooded by fellow socialites and moneybags, Don Bahati was lost in Zahara Totto’s thighs, caressing her body and kissing her in front of whoever cared to watch.

The party filled with champagne and all the vibes had money flying around as Don Bahati showed his financial muscle in trying to win over Zahara’s heart (read “eyes”).

It didn’t take much of the money splashing before Zahara Totto’s screws fell off as she was seen snogging the city spender who was left bleeding after a fight with Bad Black in December 2019.

Zahara Totto rushed to her Snapchat to share several videos of Bahati showering her with money and how the two spent the night kissing and drinking themselves silly.

Zahara Totto and her former lover Don Solomon called it quits after a bitter fight in July before she moved on with a one Reuben Robert. Three months later, Don Solomon is the fresh face in the picture.

Talk about smoothness and finesse – Zahara is a top poet in the art of moving on. There are more pages to this book. It’s one we’re still opening for several years. Congratulations Zahara!

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