Zahara Totto a.k.a The Fieldmarshal is not ready to entertain any negative vibes created by her haters and critics especially those concerning her kids and men.

The Next Media journalist had often come under scrutiny of several critics who criticise her lifestyle filled with on and off relationships and social media scandals.

Over the weekend, Zahara was seen in a video kissing Don Bahati as he splashed money on her during a night out at Cayenne Restaurant.

The NBS TV UnCut show presenter has since come out to reveal that it was just a casual night out with friends and no big deal should be made of it.

Through her Instagram, Zahara emphasised that she can never be moved by comments on social media.

She asked he critics to mind their business, not hers because who she dates or f**ks is none of their business. She also promised to block them, one by one.

Did any body ever tell you that #fieldmarshal_enetertainer_z_totto is never moved by social media losser’s comments? Lol, trust me there is nothing you will ever say or talk about me that will change me. Why don’t people learn to fix there nose where it belongs?

My kids, my men, my life, who I’m fking or fkt, who am dating is all my none of your business! Stay in lane guys. AM ME! But WhO are YOU?

By the way this post is posted to block all the fake pages and people with negative vibes on all my pages! Be warned!

Zahara Totto

Well, there you have it!

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