In the heat of the fire which saw all the values Samson Kasumba stands for go down the drain, the news anchor has decided to take a break off social media.

“TV host, Theologian, critical thinker and social transformer who is keen on ethics” reads part of Samson Kasumba’s bio on Twitter. In one night, all was put to the test.

A like on a porn video using his Twitter handle sent the hungry lions his way and all night long, his credibility was soiled with numerous memes flying right, left and center.

Samson Kasumba (Photo: NBS TV)

Fortunately, or not, it was discovered and later announced by the Next Media digital team that his Twitter account had been hacked by people who used it to like the porn video on Wednesday night.

Obviously, not many believed the statement from the Public Relations Officers at the Naguru-based media station. Memes kept flying and by today morning, lots of damage had been done.

Kasumba reveals that after a conversation with someone he has deep respect for, he was advised to leave social media for a while.

Samson Kasumba and Next Media Services CEO Kin Kariisa (Photo: NBS TV)

After a conversation with someone I have deep respect for and trust, I have been advised to leave social media a for sometime. When they feel I should return, I will be back. I have people I listen to and I will listen. “I will be back soon”. See you then good day.

Samson Kasumba | Twitter


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