Popular city model Doreen Kabareebe advises people on social media to stop crying over bullies on the different online platforms because crying doesn’t help to settle matters.

Speaking in an interview, Kabareebe explained that social media doesn’t scare her at all. She revealed that at times, she even laughs and feels pity for people who always cry and fear social media bullying because it’s always about the attitude you give.

Kabareebe emphasized how she believes in the idea of realness and she is determined and ready to handle situations the way that they come at her.

She hence advises that if someone bullies you on social media, you also have the right to retaliate in equal measure to level the ground.

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On to top that, Kabareebe revealed how she can never get emotional on social media because of bullies and abuses since she is always ready treat people the way they treat her.

Social media doesn’t scare me at all. I always hear some people crying over cyber-bullying but it is always all about your attitude. For example, if you’re at an interview and a journalists tells you something and you’re pissed off, it only shows how shallow your brains are.

If they abuse you, you also abuse them back so that we turn out equal. So no one, I repeat, no one is going to abuse me on social media and I break down but I will rather fire back in the same equal measure.

Doreen Kabareebe

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