Daddy Andre is being accused by a one Atim Dorah who claims to be her ex-lover and mother of his eight-year-old daughter. The producer reveals how he wants to confirm Dorah’s allegations by carrying out a DNA test.

Renown Singer, Songwriter and Producer Daddy Andre, real name Andre Ojambo, is on the spot after a woman identified as Atim Dorah accused him of child neglect. The latter, during an interview on NBS TV UnCut show, revealed that Andre made her pregnant in 2011 and she gave birth to his daughter in 2012.

Dorah, however, is disappointed in Andre who has never seen his daughter since she was three-months-old. She notes that she is limping financially and all she demands is for the Sikikukweka singer to take care of his daughter who is currently living in the worst condition with her grandmother in Gulu.

During a phone call, Andre didn’t deny knowing or meeting Dorah. He, however, seemed the least interested in hearing what Dorah had to say and asked that she should not bother him again until the DNA test in confirmed.

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Get me your number, I will call you and you take your child for a DNA test. I don’t want you to bother me again when I haven’t even confirmed if the child is mine. You should first confirm the DNA. I will call you when am ready and when I have the money for the DNA test.

Daddy Andre

Dorah revealed that Daddy Andre asked her not to abort the pregnancy and he gave her some money at the time but ever since the child was born, he has never really showed responsibility as the father and always avoids her despite her several effort to reach him.

When asked to confirm whether the child is really Andre’s, Dorah revealed that she is indeed Andre’s daughter because he even named her Ojambo Nekesa when they visited him at his studio in Nsambya. He has never seen the child since she was three-months-old according to Dorah.

Daddy Andre is not the only local celebrity accused of child neglect. Beenie Gunter, Geosteady, Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, John Blaq and several other musicians have been down the same road.

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