A woman identified as Atim Dorah says she is Daddy Andre’s ex-lover and the mother of his 8-year-old daughter. Dorah, however, accuses the producer of not taking care of the child and totally ignoring her existence.

It is just ten days since Nina Kankunda a.k.a Nina Roz introduced her lover Andre Ojambo a.k.a Daddy Andre to her guardians’ home in Nansana on October 23rd 2020. The traditional Kukyala ceremony made their relationship official and the two seemed happy to start a new family.

News reaching us, however, indicates that their young love could be greatly tested just as it begins after Atim Dorah appeared on an interview with NBS TV’s UnCut team, accusing the Singer of neglecting a child they had together.

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Dorah says that she met Andre and he made her pregnant in 2011. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Mulago Hospital in 2012 but it was her sisters who facilitated for the hospital bills and treatment after birth with Daddy Andre disappearing at the time.

She reveals that initially, Andre tried to give her some little money since he was also broke at the time but the producer stopped doing so when the child was three-months-old.

I met him at the Railway Quarters in Nsambya. I had a friend there, her boyfriend was a friend to that producer, by then he was a producer. I got pregnant in 2011 and I told him. He told me not to abort. By then he didn’t have money and he would give me about Shs5,000, sometimes Shs1,000, sometimes nothing at all.

Atim Dorah

Her livelihood got worse financially in following years and she decided to take the child to her grandmother in Gulu. Dorah notes that the child has been living there for a while but she is not in the best state there and has never gone to school.

She noted that she has tried to access Andre but always fails hence resorting to spilling the tea to the media so as to find some help. She confirmed that she is very sure that Daddy Andre is the father of her child and that he even gave her the name; Ojambo Nekesa City when she visited him with the child at his studios in Nsambya.

Andre is the father of my child. He even named her the name, Ojambo Nekesa City.

Atim Dorah

Dorah asks Andre to accept and help his child who is currently living a regrettable life back in the village in Gulu. She emphasizes that she is not interested in his new marriage but she wants him to be a responsible father who takes care of his child.

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