Media personality and music analyst Selector William believes that the whole bunch of NRM artistes including Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, Big Eye and King Michael can’t influence or convince him to vote for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for another term in the office of presidency of the nation.

The radio personality chided the artists while analyzing their impact and contribution to the president ahead of the coming 2021 general presidential campaigns.

Selector Williams who totally seemed not to understand the role of the NRM artists baptized them with fire, describing them as ‘liabilities and ticks’ that are only clinging on to the head of state for selfish gains rather than advertising and displaying a few good things the president has done for the country.

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He further heaped praise upon Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakagubi saying she has done extremely better than all the other bunch of artists who are always involved in money wrangles.

If we’re to evaluate NRM artists’ role in the coming 2021 elections, they have no roles to play. In Uganda, there is no single NRM artist who can convince or influence me to vote for President Museveni.

President Museveni isn’t going to get votes because of NRM artists simply because they lost the capacity, credibility, and integrity is all long gone.

In fact, Full Figure has performed much better than all those artists who claim to be NRM die-hards. They have not added any value to NRM but they have rather ashamed the NRM party the more. The president has to fire all those artists because they are liabilities and ticks just gluing on NRM.

Selector Williams

Selector Williams added saying that where Bobi Wine is, he no longer needs any artist’s backing bwcause he surpassed that level long ago and even though the NRM artists join his camp, it won’t make any impact.

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