Irene Ntale

You won’t be seeing Irene Ntale wearing “fake bums” again as the songstress reveals. She also urges everyone else to embrace the body God has given them.

This is not the first time that Irene Ntale and “fake bums” are appearing in the same statement. The songstress has often been pinned for bleaching, wearing artificial bums, hips, hair and nails.

In 2016, during an interview with Urban TV, fellow singer Daxx Kartel revealed how he witnessed the songstress’ fake bum fall off while backstage during a concert.

Time and again, the Universal Music Group singer has denied the allegations.

In 2019, during an interview, she denied bleaching and wearing artificial hips and bums as she maintained that even her own mother and sisters are well endowed.

“I have never bleached a day in my life. I also dont wear fake hips or bums. In fact, if you have ever had a chance to see my mom. She is a very well endowed woman and very curvy plus my sisters. I don’t wear my bum. And now it’s huger than previously,” she noted in 2019.

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In June, while responding to numerous attacks on Twitter, she assured her critics that her “bum is as real as they come.”

The allegations have kept on coming and she seems fed up of them all. Through Twitter still, Ntale thanked those who claim that she wore fake bums.

She said that she will not have to do that anymore. She also urged everyone to rejoice in the body that God gave them.

Those that claimed I wore fake ‘ bums’ Thanks for your prayers, I don’t have to do that anymore. Also Ps; it’s never that serious as everyone should rejoice in the body God has given them

Irene Ntale

Irene Ntale has had a busy year on social media and she never lets anyone step on her toes. With this tweet in particular, however, she seems to have conceded defeat.

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