Renown gospel singer Exodus, born George Lubega Timothy, opened up on how he has faced several death threats in his life.

Exodus came out to reveal how he has encountered death threats on several occasions after he wrote down a letter disagreeing with Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s remarks about the late Pastor Augstine ‘Abizaayo’ Yiga.

In his long submission, Exodus narrated how he has been issued with death threats more than any other celebrity in the +256 that we might think of expect Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, and Pallaso.

He went ahead and stuck to words as well as challenged pastor Ssenyonga to bring evidence that castigates Pastor Bugingo’s wife with the words that he uttered over her. He also asked him to come out and publicly apologize to the nation for making lame remarks about the people he took digs at.

Just for clarification; I am not against Elder Ssenyonga, I’m so against the words uttered in this video!! There’s a wise saying; while we point a finger in the opposite direction let’s remember all the other three are pointed directly at us.

I’ve been issued death threats from last week “If you don’t mind your own business, you are going to die a bad death if you don’t leave the “Man of God alone”. Young people my fellow believers if we see wrong and shy about it we are worse than Judas Iscariot who betrayed his master!! I’ve suffered and encountered death several times my whole life than any of your artists save #Chameleon, #BebeCool, #Pallaso, and #BobiWine.

But what did I echo that wasn’t right from his own very words!! My question is; where is the Christ-like character and Godliness in this Gentle Man’s words regardless of who is serving right or wrong? Let him give the body of Christ evidence that Pastor Bugingo’s Wife is the very words he utters above in this video!! If Mr. Ssenyonga is a Man of God let him lead by example and publicly apologize to the body of Christ that he has attacked almost all his Pastoral life if not I will stick to my words He is a great Businessman not a Man of God by his own words!!


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