Tuff B’s song titled “Rise Up” is dedicated to the People Power struggle and NUP leaders; Bobi Wine and Joel Ssenyonyi applaud the NBS presenter’s efforts.

Rise Up“, produced by Yese Oman Rafiki, is a direct message to the youths to get involved in the affairs on the country and actively seek positive change for the good of their own livelihood.

Tuff b has been very vocal against the atrocities that happen in the country and it’s nolonger a secret that he stands with fellow singer Bobi Wine on that matter.

Bobi Wine, real name Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, was officially nominated to stand for presidency in 2021 on the National Unity Platform flag a few days ago.

Tuff B

Upon listening to Tuff B’s new song, the Firebase singer shared the visuals on his Facebook page where he applauded the Dolphin Foundation CEO’s efforts.

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Big up my brother Tuff B. When we rise up we must indeed stand for the truth. Our loud voices must be used to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Let us encourage every one to speak through their vote. Let us all come out and vote. We can change so much through voting, guarding our vote and defending our vote!

Bobi Wine

NUP spokesperson, also a former journalist, as well acknowledged Tuff B’s efforts in a message shared on social media.

“Artiste Tuff B using his talent to sing truth to power. If everyone plays their part, we’ll surely achieve a new Uganda,” Ssenyonyi wrote.

Uganda goes to the ballot in February 2021 and eleven presidential candidates were officially nominated. We await to see how the build up to the general elections happens with campaigns starting today.

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