Now officially Daddy Andre’s wife, Nina Roz is glowing different and the changes seem to be shocking some of her fans who attribute it all to her hubby.

Nina Roz is not easy to miss from a crowd for her height and skin tone. She is also always wearing an attitude which differentiates her from the pack.

The self-proclaimed ‘The Ugandan Property’ is no longer as lanky as she used to be. She has added so much weight and her fans are confused about it.

She shared new photos over the weekend, showing her new look and she does look gorgeous if you asked me.

That opinion is shared with several of other social media users who thronged her posts with comments in which they applauded Daddy Andre for taking good care of their star.

A few weeks ago, it was also revealed that Nina is a couple of months pregnant for the city producer and recently, she showed off the baby bump.

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Her new look is one most of her fans have fallen in love with and we hope she is positive about it as well.

Below are some of the comments from the fans on her Facebook page:

Ranbles Remington – I can see Daddy is doing a great work big up Andre I love you Nina.

Tusasirwe Bridget – From ka Nina to kya Nina.

Winniefred Namwanja – She looks good with the weight on.

Carol Kats – All along I have seen Nina’s boobs fitting in her hands so where is this dairy coming from? One love.

Viola Sanyu Nakibule – Love you Nina. I don’t know why but I love everything on you plus that babi inside.

Bindeba Gerald – Ka height kyekyo, it seems daddy Andrew is now putting some ka money.

Able Boss Shan – It’s true what they say nti love enyiliza.

Kar Thee Marz – Omg nga you have grown big kirabika daddy Andre akuwa emirembe.

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