Veteran rapper Giriya Fred, popularly known as Rocky Giant, has publicly declined the offers which fellow artists had offered him months after being thumped by Presidential envoy on Ghetto Affairs Bucha Man.

While speaking to NBS TV’s UnCut reporter One Lord Kayz, Rocky Giant who totally spoke uncoordinated statements and didn’t want to be interrupted and questioned in his speech, threatened to smash the interviewer’s microphone if he dared to control him.

During the interview, the “Paka Last” rapper noted how he is not interested in the help that artists had pledged to offer him.

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He started off by boldly telling talented songwriter Nince Henry – who had offered to write him some songs for free of charge in order to revamp his career – that he is not interested in his free offer reasoning that he has his own songs in studio.

He also lashed out at Gagamel International boss Bebe Cool who had pledged to foot his rehabilitation fees for three solid months, reasoning that he is very fine and okay and not interested in his offers.

Rocky Giant also warned off other TV stations not to look out for him adding that the NBS TV was his last expressing how he wants to live a free life that is not being traced by media personalities.

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