Luga-flow storyteller Ernest Nsiimbi alias GNL Zamba believes that to-date the African society has not yet respected women in most sectors.

The legendary rapper made the statements while elaborating on how most people think that in certain sectors the women should be lowered a bit to fit in.

He, however, reasoned that in the Hip-hop world, they believe in equality, noting how everyone is equal regardless of their sex and color.

Society hasn’t respected women, they think that the ladder for women should be lowered a little bit but in hip-hop, we believe in Equality.

GNL Zamba

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While speaking about politics, GNL Zamba went on to note that most people were happy to see Trump out adding that it’s a lesson to teach the next generation that decency matters.

We are happy that Trump lost and we can teach our children that decency matters

GNL Zamba

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