Self-proclaimed Swagg Mama and TNS queen Sheebah Karungi could be feeling the heat from her fans, followers, and a few media personalities who have constantly kept on asking her when she expects to give birth.

While celebrating her 31st birthday party at the Red Terrace bar, Sheebah requested whoever is putting her under pressure to give birth to take a chill pill noting how she is only waiting on God’s timing.

When asked why she chose to venture into a bar and events business before giving birth yet many believe that she has made it life, the singer explained that it was a personal decision adding that she felt it is wise for someone to own at least a few businesses.

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Sheebah Karungi went on to silence all those who have been putting her under pressure to give birth when she gave them an example of her sister who got married at 15 and gave birth at 17 saying that is not the life she wants to experience.

She then noted how she is taking her time and when the right time comes through, she will surprise her followers with a baby.

I see you guys you have turned the issue of giving birth into a song but let me make this point straight. I just don’t know whether you guys are just used to seeing or hear girls who get married at 15 and give birth at 17. For that case, I have a sister who went through that. But that is not the life that I want to live in.

And when someone chooses to give birth, It is okay because it is always their choice. Since I turned 31, please don’t put me under pressure to give birth yet.

Personally, I decided to start off with business then after when God says it’s the right time for me to give birth, I will because am not God and neither are you and that is not in my hands but God so we should just chill that.

Sheebah Karungi

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