During an interview with Kampala Dailies, NBS TV KURT presenter and Dolphin Foundation CEO Robert Ssekidde a.k.a Tuff B revealed that before joining Gagamel, Bebe Cool didn’t have such a strong fan base and he forced the public to accept his music before leaving the camp later on.

Following the release of his new song, ‘Rise Up‘ dedicated to the struggle, Tuff B has made it clear that he stands behind Bobi Wine as we head into the 2021 elections. He revealed that his new song is a message to all youths to take part in the struggle and create a better future for themselves.

“Rise Up is for every youth out there to stand up and fight for himself. How? Make your own decisions. Stop being influenced by the artiste you support to tell you to vote for a particular candidate. No one takes control of your future. No one will secure your future apart from you,” Tuff B said.

The singer gave an example of the unemployed graduates who, through all the hardships, managed to graduate but are unemployed and even those who are lucky are working as Supermarket attendants. He urged such people to make use of the moment and be part of the change which he advocates for.

Tuff B performs with the symbolic People Power red beret

When asked why he decided to back Bobi Wine in the ongoing campaigns ahead of the forthcoming general elections slated for January 2020, Tuff B revealed that the NUP leader is the person who shares ideas similar to his own.

“Bobi Wine is a patron of the cause I support. It’s true, I am a fan of what he is trying to achieve because he is the man who thinks like I think,” Tuff B stressed.

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The Rise Up singer was then asked to reveal the real reason behind his bitter split with his former friend and boss under Gagamel crew. In his reply, Tuff B seemed really bothered that Bebe Cool keeps being mentioned whenever he is interviewed.

Why do you keep asking me about him? When we are discussing issues of men, don’t talk about boys. We’re talking about a man and you are bringing a boy in the conversation. Nothing (serious) separated us. It is literally a difference in ideologies. He has his interests and I have my own. That’s where we failed to agree.

Tuff B

Tuff B also acknowledged Bebe’s talent but declined the talk that he benefited most from him than otherwise. “He is a very good musician. That’s why I believed in him.”

I added so much on him. I came when you didn’t like his music. I forced him onto you. In 2007, Bebe Cool’s fan base was not that strong. I pushed his music and forced the public to accept him and they did accept him. We helped each other.

Tuff B

Tuff B was part of the Gagamel Crew years ago and recorded a couple of songs under the band including the famous “Ddoggo Lyo” collaboration with Bebe Cool. They, however, fell out over five years ago.

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