Socialite and influencer Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black lost her brand new phone, an iPhone 12, to a thief who snatched it through the window of her car on Sunday.

You would think Bad Black would be spared by the “owners” of K’la streets during their activities but, maybe not.

On Sunday, while she drove through Bunga, a thief snatched her phone through the car window while she was scrolling through her messages.

The motor-mouthed socialite was in company of her mugged boyfriend Asha and as soon as he saw the thief snatch the phone, he made his way out of the car to start a chase.

Knowing how the city gangs operate, Bad Black called unto Asha not to chase the thief or risk being killed but he was not really gonna listen to that as he tried to retrieve the phone.

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His efforts were, however, fruitless as the thief made off with the phone worth around UGX 3.7M.

Bad Black then quickly ran to Bunga Police and reported the case. She then posted on Snapchat (with her other phone) and alerted her fans about the incident.

She also locked the stolen phone in order to avoid the thief from using it or sharing her private photos and videos.

Such a bad way to start a new week but atleast they are both unharmed and their nudes won’t find their way onto social media.

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