Singer Bebe Cool and Comedian Patrick Salvado have apologised for the “insensitive” and “arrogant” comments they made following the widespread protests in Uganda yesterday.

The protests witnessed across the country were sparked off by the arrest of NUP leader and 2021 presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine.

By end of day, within Kampala city center alone, Uganda Police had confirmed that three people had lost their lives during the protests.

Several photos and videos of hundreds who were injured made rounds on the internet as masses condemned how police used excessive force, live bullets and teargas to disperse the crowds.

Bebe Cool and Patrick Salvado held different opinions as they applauded police’s work while condemning what they termed as “hooliganism”.

As expected, the two entertainers received backlash from their fans and critics on different social media platforms throughout the night.

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By morning, Bebe Cool had come to terms with the popular opinion that indeed, excessive force had been used and acknowledged the insensitivity of his earlier statements.

I would like to apologize for the post I made yesterday that made me appear insensitive towards the families of the innocent Ugandans that lost their lives in the riots that took place yesterday.

Bebe Cool

Patrick Salvado as well rushed to his Twitter handle to apologise for sounding insensitive and arrogant having come across the videos of people who were shot at. He also asked for God’s forgiveness.

“IM SORRY, if I came out insensitive and arrogant earlier, IM SORRY, I just can’t get the visuals out of my head, that little boy whose legs were crushed, the by standards who were shot.. Dear lord forgive me… where is the love?” He wrote.

May the deceased rest in peace!

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