Ugandan socialite Bad Black advises celebrities to take their medicine instead of turning to Christianity whenever they’re infected with deadly diseases.

Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black is fed up of losing fellow celebrities who remember to turn to God instead of taking their medication.

Through her Facebook account, Bad Black revealed that she was visited by God with a word of peace today morning.

She urged Ugandan celebrities to stop converting to Christianity after catching deadly diseases because “Jesus doesn’t heal them”.

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She instead advised them to take their medicine instead of becoming motivational speakers because she is fed up of losing people.

Today morning, God visited me with word of peace. Dear Uganda celebrities stop converting into Christianity after being effected with deadly diseases. Jesus don’t heal them accept it and take medicine instead of you becoming biblical motivational speaker even if you spend all life singing gospel yesu teyaliyo nga mwezina. Kindly take medication tukooye to loose you be happy eat this is a free world. Thank you.

Bad Black

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