Eezzy, real name Eric Opoka, is unbothered by reports that his song Tumbiza Sound could be banned by MoH. He is ready to drop better tracks because be believes in his capability.

Eezzy’s “Tumbiza Sound” is one of the most trending songs in Uganda today but there’s a possibility of it being banned with complaints from the Ministry of Health (MoH).

In the song, Eezzy sings about how the government should let bars resume business so that party animals can get back to what they do best.

VIDEO: ‘Tumbiza Sound’ by Eezzy | YouTube

The singer points out how the partiers are ready to abide by the set Standards Operating Procedures in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 at the bars.

He also sings about how the extended lockdown and crack down on bars and other hangouts has made Uganda such a boring place to be and wants things to change.

His message, however, has been faced with criticism from some of the people in power who stress that it is likely to lead to the spread of the highly infectious disease.

It is for the above reasons that the song, which several Ugandan youths have highly praised in recent months, risks a ban from the government.

Eezzy (Photo by Fred Bugembe)

During an interview with Sanyuka TV, the Northern Uganda-based singer said that the authorities got it wrong if the reports are indeed true.

“The song has no bad mind. I did the song because of the situation we are in right now and I was simply raising my voice for the people. If you listen clearly, I was just asking for the MoH to ease the lockdown. It has a message to send to the concerned people but I also sang it for the fan bit of it,” noted Eezzy.

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He pointed out how people, even from their homes where they respect the Coronavirus SOPs, can enjoy the song.

Eezzy further revealed that incase the song is eventually banned, he is very capable of releasing more bangers better than the current hit song.

Even if the song (Tumbiza Sound) is banned, I know I have the capability to release a song that is even better than this one because I write my music.


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