With most converging places still under strict lockdown restrictions, we’ve got you covered as you look for fresh content while you spend more time with family in the comfort of your home.

Here are the top 10 new TV series recently added to Showmax;

10. Pablo Live

Pablo Kimuli

PABLO is Uganda’s premier standup comedian renown for clean humour and creating a platform for young and rising stars in the same field.

Stars: Kenneth Kimuli – Pablo Kimuli

9. Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

Lincoln Rhyme – Hunt for the Bone Collector

Three years after a serial killer disappears, some very familiar murder patterns could mean The Bone Collector has returned. A retired detective who was injured years before in a trap set by the killer decides to take up the case.

Stars: Gary FlederRussell HornsbyArielle KebbelRoslyn Ruff

8. TKO: Total Knock Out

Actor and global superstar Kevin Hart will take on the role of host for the first time in his career with TKO: TOTAL KNOCK OUT, a brand new one-hour obstacle course competition series from executive producer Mark Burnett.

Hosted by Kevin Hart, Total Knock Out is off the hook. Contestants have to make their way over crazy obstacles while their rivals hurl projectiles at them in an attempt to knock them off course.

Stars: Kevin Hart

7. Unprotected Sets

Unprotected Sets

Unprotected Sets presents a compelling portrait of a stand-up on the verge of breaking out to become the next big name in comedy.

Stars: Ramy Romany, Becky Braunstein, Rob Christensen, Zainab Johnson

6. Slow Burn

Slow Burn

In this adaptation of the award-winning podcast, Slow Burn’s Leon Neyfakh excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history.

Stars: Various

5. Slay Queen

Slay Queen

Self-made mogul Isaack Kasongo has got it made, until the beautiful Juliet catches his eye. His son Dereck tries to stop him, until he gets caught up with a temptress himself.

Stars: William J. Mtitu, Jacob Stephen, Kayitesy Mohammed

4. AKA Orchestra on the Square

AKA Orchestra on the Square

Relive local rapper AKA’s special performance with a 30-piece orchestra. He performs all his greatest hits from his four albums.

Stars: AKA

3. Mungoma


Zulu celebrates 25 years at the helm of Mungoma Records. Kangwa is furious with Zulu for claiming ownership of Mungoma and taking credit for the label’s success.

Stars: Sam Kanyama, Leo Simukoko

2. Chozi


Chozi narrates real-life stories of people who went through tragic moments that ultimately changed their lives.

Stars: James Njamura Mukiri

1.Siende Blind

Siende Blind

A serial killer profiler revisits old cases during lockdown. Soon she finds herself following a twisted trail through the history of her new in-laws.

Stars: Morné Du Toit, Pietie Beyers

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