Ykee Benda.

Singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda has cautioned men not to run away from responsibilities that they are supposed to handle or take care of.

The Mpaka Records boss came out to give the advice urging men to always take care of women that they impregnate rather than dump them when expecting.

He went ahead to call upon men not to force women to abort saying that supporting and showing love to a woman during her pregnancy and after giving birth brings about happiness and peace in life and the relationship.

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Ykee added that once one runs away from his responsibilities and his own blood, the punishment they get is long suffering and endless troubles.

The biggest curse ever is running away from responsibility, when u impregnate her, don’t run away from her, don’t force her to abort, instead of supporting her in a way u can, when the baby comes, be there for them, God will provide don’t worry.

Once u run, forget about happiness & peace your whole life. The punishment you’ll get for letting your own blood suffer u won’t believe.

Ykee Benda

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