Jose Chameleone finds it immature of Bebe Cool to try and use Bobi Wine’s bad past to fight him amidst the race towards the 2021 presidential elections.

Posters with images of Bobi Wine smoking were planted near the Electoral Commission following Bebe Cool’s statement of heading into the field with full force to fight against the 2021 presidential hopeful.

Bebe also shared a video from the past of Bobi shirtless, in studio, singing obscenities. In a recent interview Bebe revealed how such a person doesn’t deserve to lead Ugandans.

The Past: Bobi Wine, Chameleone and Bebe Cool perform (Courtesy photo)

2021 Lord Mayor hopeful Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Chameleone differs in thought as he maintains that the past should remain in the past.

History is history. You cannot use history to judge someone’s present.

Jose Chameleone

During an interview with UnCut on Thursday, Chameleone first urged Ugandans not to create divisions based on politics.

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People have become so sentimental. I urge Ugandans not to be disunited by politics. Bebe Cool has his own party that he supports and Bobi Wine has a side where he belongs so I don’t find it heavy that they’re clashing but it’s not called for. Let each respect the other’s freedom.

Jose Chameleone
The Present: Bobi Wine and Chameleone are united forces of change (Photo: Next Media)

The Leone Island Music Empire boss noted that the last cannot be used to judge the present because everyone has a stain from the past that Jesus came to cleanse.

“Christ came to save the sinners. When you dwell on making someone’s past their present, then you have turned life upside down. Realistically, if there was bad past then Jesus wouldn’t have come,” Chameleone added.

Bebe Cool kneels down as he distributes NRM t-shirts (Photo: Facebook)

He gave an example of outgoing USA president Donald Trump whose past involved pornography scandals but he managed to lead America for 5 years.

“To give you an example, Donald Trump was America’s president but he had a bad past which wasn’t even worthy being a president but God is the one who chooses.”

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