Hello Mowzey. It’s us, again. It’s been long – an eternity of muted communication that social media would describe as complicated, in relationship speak. A lot has happened since we last spoke, and we’ll try to be nice and give you whatever our keyboard can muster. Steady? Let’s roll.

It’s close to three years since your demise, but we still get new music from you. From a couple of crowded collabos to serenading singles and your tried and tested partnership with Weasel, we still hear them all. Pleasantly.

First out of our memory block is the crowded “Looking For”, a song we feel should have featured one artiste less. Whether it should have been Pallaso or Chameleone, we won’t tell for now. But having three Mayanjas on one song was no mean feat and getting one of them off the song would have been a mountain you were never going to scale. Kayswitch deserves a mention. Good song. Kudos.

We did not know how much of a gem “Somesa Egwanga” was until we gave it a second listen. Boy, oh boy! It may be one of those less glamorous songs because it’s not the kind that would wake up a sleeping bar patron off their bar seat, but the message in there is immense.

RIP Mowzey Radio

Until You’re Ready” is the last installment in our review of your gifted hands, today. Serenading, smooth and the kind of song to put a patchy romantic relationship back on track. Whatever you were smoking when you wrote this, only God knows. In your demise, the reggae genre lost an irreplaceable gem!

A lot more continues to happen, Mowzey. First of all forget about Zamboki. He is now called Papa Sky and she recently turned one but we will save that story for another day…

Bobi Wine – the musician-turned-politician who was barely five months old in parliament when you left us – has since gone for the topmost office in the land, Eddie Mutwe is still a reliable cadre though Asrhburg deserted. Omubanda wants Mzee’s seat, and he’s dead serious about it. Alas, and Mzee is dead serious about stopping him in his tracks too. On our hands is a political brawl between two big egos in a presidential race that attracted 19 other pretenders led by Katumba ..Katumba Oyee?!.. Pray for us Mowzey because wano wetulaga tugenda kuffa!! The violence emerging from the endless running battles between Bobi’s fans and Mzee’s security organs continues to leave many dead, with each party blaming the other for being overzealous.

Bobi Wine’s entry into the political space has since opened doors to potential opportunities for hordes of players in the industry. Kalifa Aganaga (Sadat Mukiibi, Rubaga South), Geoffrey Lutaaya (Kakuuto, MP), Jose Chameleone (Joseph Mayanja, Kampala City Mayor) have since joined Kato Lubwama and Judith Babirye (who has since abdicated her seat) in the political space.

Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone are now united forces of change

Radio and TV presenters decided they were not going to be left out, and DJ Jacob Omutuuze (Jacob Ahimbisibwe) and Miles Rwamiti have since expressed their political ambitions, vying for political office in Bunamwaya Division (LC3) and Hoima East (MP) respectively. Elections are due early next year, and fingers remain crossed for our beloved industry.

New kids continue to show up on the musical block, and the conveyor belt that churns them out doesn’t seem like it will stop any time soon. Dre Cali, Crystal Panda, John Blaq, Karole Kasiita, Azawi, Mudra, Eezzy, Et cetera. Everyone is pushing for their own share in the entertainment pie. You’d have hoped for exactly that, we imagine.

Andrew Ojambo, the guy who started as a producer has since gone to produce more music –literal and otherwise – charming his way into many ladies’ hearts while promising them musical heaven. The industry calls him Daddy Andre. We guess the ladies found the name cool, so it stuck just as he did, in their pants. He dated Angela Katatumba up to the point when he decided that being asked to do an H IV test was a step too far. He and Angela eventually parted ways, and that’s how he found solace in the waiting arms of Nina Roz.

Angella Katatumba filled with emotions as Nina Roz introduces Daddy Andre

There’s a kid called Fik Fameica, Mowzey. Shafiq Walukagga is his real name, but you probably didn’t know much about him since he was only months old in the industry when you crossed your Rubicon. He’s now three years old in the industry but has since stagnated. Today’s he’s more known as Lydia Jazmine’s (remember her?) unofficial bae.

While you were away, Mowzey, the world was hit by a strain of SARS that scientists gave the cool name of COVID-19. Recently, Papa Sky was also a victim but he fought his way out. It’s the kind of pandemic that spreads in the most frivolous of ways, bro. Keeping close to someone who has it is enough for the ka-thing to suddenly make you its latest conquest in a twinkle of the eye. Experts have since devised precautions to reduce the proliferation of the pandemic. They now tell us to wear masks, wash our hands with soap and water, and practice social distancing.

The new normal – a mask is now a must

World over, economies and industries were greatly impacted, and the music industry was no exception. A government-enforced lockdown saw lots of restricted movements and many businesses had no choice but to close. Artistes no longer stage shows and concerts; and bar owners, DJs, music promoters, and other dependents on the industry are bleeding. If you were still here, perhaps you would be part of the united forces of change pushing for the reopening of these facilities. It remains a tough world out here.

That said, 2020 has not all been gloom. Record labels continue to sign new faces and release new music. Swangz Avenue signed a new artiste in Azawi (Priscilla Zawedde), and she continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Vocally talented, and a good songwriter. Do you access the internet, bro? Check out her music. Quinamino, Lo Fit, Repeat It, and many more.

Azawi is highly regarded God’s gift to us after you, Mowzey

And if the romantic side of you that churned out all those love ballads is still alive, look for a song dubbed Mbinyumirwa. It has the kind of writing genius that was only previously associated with your style. Mbinyumirwa could leave your eyes welling with tears of joy – that’s how good Azawi is. So much that Vinka and Winnie Nwagi have decided to stay put and support the new kid on the Swangz Avenue block.

Speaking of Winnie Nwagi and all things Swangz, we’ve been fed on news, rumors, and speculations all year around. First, was the endless stream of her bikini-clad mounds of flesh in what seemed to have been a sponsored holiday in the Wild West – some swanky place called Aramaga rift valley lodge.

Winnie Nwagi unbothered as her bums dominate social media (PHOTOS)

The world condemned and crucified but Nwagi, in her typical abrasive style, chose to keep the naysayers guessing. Had she quit Swangz Avenue? Could the record label be planning to part ways with her? Had the two agreed to stick together? Winnie was in her final year at Swangz. Speculation was that she would be moving on after what had been a successful career. It wasn’t long before Swangz finally emerged out of their foxhole to announce the renewal of the singer’s contract. A beaming Winnie Nwagi looked on, putting an end to months of speculation about her future.

Irene Ntale hasn’t been sighted ever since that acrimonious exit from Swangz Avenue. She finally released an album (Sukaali) that did not scale the heights once scaled in her heyday. Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool, Chameleone and the entire crew with whom you ran Makindye are all still their bubbly selves. They send their shoutouts. Please shout back when you can.

Bebe Cool, Mowzey Radio (RIP) and Abryanz

Remember Augustine Yiga, the pastor you knew as Abizayo? He left us a few weeks back, leaving his beloved Revival band at the mercy of fate. He could be that neighbor whose door you haven’t knocked to “say hi”. He was sent off with a guitar. Check him out and make some music. We would be pleasantly surprised.

It is 1,200+ words now, Mowzey, and we do not want to make you feel like you are reading a cached copy of an online encyclopedia…but before we go, the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA Awards) will be hosted in Uganda next year.

What a privilege that would have been to see you at the midst of the build-up to the same prestigious awards at which you waved the Ugandan flag with so much pride! We trust Weasel to represent and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a tribute in your name at the awards ceremony.

Allow us to sign out from here and probably go and play some hide and seek with Skylar. We will stay in touch and be good guys, we promise.

Till next time, stay blessed.

The only surviving civilian Afande

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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  1. Zamboki, did you write that letter to Mowzey??? It is perfect. It is sweet. It made me cry sooo hard it must have touched a cord in my own life!!! When you asked if he accesses internet, I could not stop crying. I cried for him even though I didn’t know him much, I cried for his friends even though they are not crying, I cried and cried! It is such a beautiful article!

    Secondly, you write perfect English! Thank you for giving me a good read! There are not a lot of young people who write so good these days! You have refreshed me in ways even I didn’t anticipate this article would! You are a genius at what you do!



  2. Am down….I deal like am with mowzey.I can’t just call it a day without a listen to his music.I have all the songs that were realesd by good life and angle music from song one to the last.all in my phone always with my headsets.I love him till death.your for real mozey.u wrote all my life in your music.thank you mowzey.

  3. Seriously we miss this guy hopes he is okay.. let him say hi to out latest sheiks who left us…

    If you could hear this their is this young boy called Dre Cali he has brought us hope that maybe we could get someone one to hold back on…

    Just wish you could tell how much fun you are having….

  4. Beautiful piece over here Zambooki, it’s touchy buh interesting, didn’t want to finish it. Great

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