Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Samali Karungi believes that men fear hitting on her because they under-look themselves thinking they can’t impress her because she is successful in life.

The “Eyanda” singer made the statement as she was responding to a question asked by Comedy Store UG C.E.O Alex Muhangi if there are no guys with money bombarding her inbox asking for her hand in marriage.

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I think guys respect me so much. The reason they just can’t walk up to me and say oh, I have money. They know I have the money so they can’t impress me with it.


Sheebah furthermore noted how she in now focusing much of her efforts in promoting her new bar and events businesses.

She also disclosed how she is impressed with how her Holic Pads business is growing at a very fast rate stressing that people are getting to know the product that is now in over 300 shops and supermarkets around town.

Solomon Mwesigwa

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