Having graduated in Software Engineering from the International University of East Africa on Thursday 10th December 2020, Allan Hendrik Ssali alias Paper Daddy has set his sights on starting his own Information Technology (IT) firm very soon.

The singer and fashion designer opened up about his future plans during an interview on Spark TV’s LiveWire show while celebrating one of his biggest achievements in education.

His revelation comes in a few weeks since he was trolled and advised by Dembe FM music critic Edward Ssendi to ditch music as a business and venture into something else that would bring him dividends since his music career which has lasted five years now seems stagnant.

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Edward Sendi advised Paper Daddy to re-brand to Fish Daddy and become a fishmonger reasoning that if he invested his youthful energy in such a business he would profit much more than wasting his time recording music that is not taking him anywhere.

A few weeks back, Paper Daddy ventured into a beer door-to-door delivery business. It is good news for his fans to know that an IT firm is now on his next agenda.

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