The lyrics Eno Kampala tebiba bizimbe gwe bwosimagila abana tebabega in one of Bobi Wine’s songs seem to be re-echoing each and every minute in NTV Login Extra presenter Tinah Teise alias Kabale Juice’s ears after she lost her iPhone 11 Pro Max to a boda guy.

The media personality opened up about the loss of her two months old phone as she lamented how a random boda guy tip-toed her and swiftly grabbed it off her hands leaving her weeping a bucket of tears

Apparently, she says that she not worried about how much the phone cost her but she is more concerned about her work that is on the phone and the disorganization that comes with losing a phone.

Most of the female celebrities who have had their phones stolen have the worst fear of having their nudes leaked and we wonder whether this is the “disorganization” that Tinah Teise could be talking about.

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I’m gonna go ahead with my work and pretend that my 2 months old iPhone 11 pro max was not grabbed by a Boda guy from me yesterday morning.

It’s not the phone and how much it cost, it’s all my work on it and the disorganization that comes with losing a phone. I cried for it a bit then remembered it’s not what happens to you it’s how you respond to it. I’ll pick up from where I left off.

Anyone trying to reach me my main number is off, trying to replace the sim card today so don’t be conned, please. Also, I’m off all my other apps for a bit only Instagram and Facebook for now.

Tinah Teise

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