AIGP Asan Kasingye

Chief political commissar of Uganda Police Force, AIGP Asan Kasingye has denied any knowledge of the disputed Tems, Omah Lay concert.

Kasingye was replying a query on Twitter when he distanced himself from anything to do with concert as he referred those with questions to “Kampala Metropolitan Police commander & his spokesman.”

When quizzed on why the concert was protected by Police, he replied; “How cam I talk about something I don’t know. Where did it happen?

“I remember, this same question was asked early this morning & I referred the tweep to the KMP commander & his spokesman.”

He added; “Somehow, you think I know even where you slept last night.”

The event has attracted backlash after Ugandan musician Bebe Cool cited double standards with enforcement of the COVID-19 presidential regulations regarding music concerts.

The Nigerian artists performed on 12 December in Munyonyo while local artists continue to wait for government to relax or end the ban on similar events.

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