The Big Brunch has indeed gone big! In the aftermath of Omah Lay and Tems’ performance, rapper Gravity Omutujju reveals that he is going to sue the Ugandan government for letting Nigerians perform in Uganda amidst COVID-19 lockdown.

In March, the government announced a countrywide lockdown which also meant a halt on all concerts with the Ministry of Health pointing at social gatherings as a trap that would facilitate the fast spread of the Coronavirus.

No Ugandan artiste has had a chance of organizing a concert since and all they have been able to do are online shows from which they have not been able to make a living.

Their efforts in asking the government to ease on the lockdown and let performances resume has fallen on deaf ears – and yet, two Nigerians performed at a concert in Munyonyo on Saturday.

I am gonna sue Uganda govt about this act because if it allowed this to happen when we the owners of the country are starving.

Gravity Omutujju

The Big Brunch that happened in Munyonyo pulled massive crowds and despite the ‘No Mask, No Entry’ strategy, a couple of SOPs were not respected by the revelers and according to the images and videos we have seen, social distancing was a myth at the concert.

A couple of Ugandan artistes and media personalities including King Saha, Feffe Bussi, Douglas Lwanga, Ykee Benda among others have vented their anger towards the law enforcers for letting the event happen.

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What hurts them most is that they haven’t been able to perform for their fans as police has always blocked their concerts but the Nigerians were able to perform with ease.

Trouble Entertainment CEO Wabuyu Gereson a.k.a Gravity Omutujju now threatens to sue the government for letting the show happen.

In a Facebook post, the ‘Winner’ rapper called shame upon president Museveni, the Ministry of Health and Police, and promised to sue the government for letting the event happen amidst COVID-19.

SHAME ON YOU president M7 Nebano.Nigerian upcoming Singer comes to Uganda and perform to a mass crowd really NGA Ministry of health mulaba and Police mumanyi kyokka Ugandan Events are not allowed to happen. WHY ?

Are we supposed get out of Uganda and come back foreigners to be allowed to have events in Uganda? Because a foreigner to perform in Uganda he must get a work permit meaning the govt was involved. In all honesty and fairness how can you allow this concert to happen when you really know that you stopped your own artists to perform, closed all happening places in a disguise of protecting the masses from catching Covid-19.

I am gonna sue Uganda govt about this act because if it allowed this to happen when we the owners of the country are starving. President M7 ne bano you gonna face me in the courts of law. More to come…

I will have a press conference very soon at PAPAZ spot Makindye to address the nation about the injustices on our industry. I call upon all artists to come together and stress out our dissatisfaction.

Gravity Omutujju on Facebook

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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