Ugandans have lavished immense praise on musician Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass for speaking out against police brutality during a BBC interview.

The “Addicted” singer lashed out at authorities at the way they handled the recent unrest in the country following the arrest of fellow musician and presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

Images of the mayhem posted mid-last month on social media showed police in Kampala firing indiscriminately and unidentifiable men in plainclothes, believed to be security personnel, firing automatic weapons.

Speaking to DJ Edu of BBC Radio 1Xtra, A Pass questioned the motives of security forces after they randomly fired live rounds at balconies of arcades during the two day long stand off.

“We cannot be silent when you see people being killed in cold blood. People are shot in building they came to work. You, you’re shooting someone in a building, who came to work.

“In a flat, like you point your gun. We have a problem. We have a problem, these are not people who really care about Ugandans to be honest and if we keep quiet, these things are going to keep happening.”

Equally appalled Ugandans on twitter have since applauded A Pass for his stance against the brutality, some calling him “being a voice to the voiceless.”

Here are some of the reactions;

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