Ugandan musicians Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass have called for the release of Nigerian musicians Tems and Omah Lay following their incarceration for flouting COVID-19 directives.

Bebe Cool has sharply twisted his opinion on the matter after initially whistle-blowing with intention to prevent the disputed concert the artists performed from happening.

The “Wire Wire” singer now says the duo should be freed while the event organizers pay the price for negligence and allegedly being accomplice to spreading COVID-19.

“Free Omah Lay,” Bebe Cool posted on social media.

“So much has happened to humanity in the world due to covid-19 but we need to focus on not hurting each other more than what covid-19 has done to us all.

“I called for this concert to be stopped and the authorities did not do so then.Damage has been done but we can avoid more damage.Free the artists and blame the organisers.”

A Pass has also broken his silence on the matter by urging Ugandan authorities to release the artists because they “didn’t organize the concert.”

@temsbaby and @Omah_Lay Should be home, not in court before a magistrate for a negligent act likely to spread #covid19 they were booked to perform, they didn’t organize the concert, it’s the promoter. Free the artists #FreeOmahLay #FreeTems,” A Pass posted.

Tems and Omah Lay are currently remanded until Wednesday when they will be produced in court for further hearing of the charges pressed against them.

Muyiwa Awomiyi, Tems manager plus four other Ugandans are also behind the coolers for negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious disease.

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