Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Wycliffe Tugume, better known by stage name Ykee Benda, has written to the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) pleading not to ban singer Eric Opoka alias EeZzy’s “Tumbiza Sound” song.

The UMA president wrote to UCC having come across a letter dated 4th December from the Ministry of Health requesting the commission to ban Eezzy’s song for allegedly misleading the public about the Standard Operation Procedures for Covid-19

According to Ykee Benda’s statement, it read begging the Ministry of Health and UCC to forgive Eezzy if he went wrong somewhere while composing the song adding that he is just a young Uganda artist trying to make ends meet out of creativity.

Ykee Benda furthermore requested the concerned authorities from the Ministry of Health to invite Eezzy and guide him more than putting a ban on a song that he invested in his whole in such a tough period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve seen papers that have a request to ban “Tumbiza Sound” by a young brother EezZY. This letter was written 2 weeks back by MOH to UCC.

I’m not sure of how real these papers are but it’s true all I can say is that as a fellow creative & artist, I can understand how EezZy came up with the song, it’s not easy for anyone else to understand how these ideas come and how these songs end up being done.

Sometimes these beats demand those exact words that we sing. That’s why an artist can make a beautiful life-changing love song when he or she is actually single. So my point is I don’t think my young brother intended to make a song contradicting with COVID 19 SOPs like it’s said in the letter. I believe he only ended up doing a charming song about this whole Covid-19 situation since it’s been a tough year and all that could bring a smile to our faces was music.

Normally as we create this music, we are mostly driven and inspired by what is around us, before we go for imaginations or other stories. As we continue building the songs we find some words following each other perfectly hence making a very nice flow of lyrics. So I believe he only paid attention to the “music” in this song and actually, that’s why it’s a hit song, the music in it is on point, it’s entertaining.

So I kindly request the Ministry Of Health & Uganda Communications Commission ( UCC) to please forgive EezZy if he went wrong somewhere while creating this song but please don’t put a ban on his song because this is a young Ugandan trying to make ends meet, he is a young artist who looks at this song as his only source of income right now, the more they play it, the more he affords to put food on his family table, please allow the song to continue getting AirPlays so that this young man together with his team can continue to survive & also our industry & country will continue to shine because he is a very promising artist. If he went wrong, he will do better next time but kindly Don’t ban his song.

You can also invite him and guide him more than putting a ban on a song that he invested in his whole in such a situation. It’s tough this side. Thank you.

Ykee Benda

Solomon Mwesigwa

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