If you’re from the Stingy Men Association, cancel your plans of ever dating former media personality Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola.

If you really had doubts about Anita Fabiola’s vast love for money, her latest revelation will humble you.

“I’d never move a muscle for a stingy man,” she says. She represents so many other females in the +256 living by the motto “atalina sente tafumita lindazi.”

Several young ladies believe that a happy relationship must involve a man who has the money and is willing to spend on the woman.

The men as well have formed the Stingy Men Association, Uganda (SMAU) – an umbrella for the guys who believe that money shouldn’t the primary objective in a relationship.

Through her Twitter account, Fabiola mocked the stingy men as she revealed how she can never date a man from SMAU.

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She emphasised that cash is her love language and money rules everything around her. It’s something that has often been said about her – money comes first.

Imagine dating someone from the #stingymenassociation. I can’t relate. Cash is my love language. Money rules everything around me.

Anita Fabiola

Could that be the reason behind the several breakups she has had in the past relationships? Maybe.

She, however, seems to have found stability with her current fiance Mark Ronald. Well, he is loaded… 1 + 1 = 2.

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