For several months now, Vinka has been away from the public eye amidst rumors that she is pregnant for her man who she reportedly introduced early this month.

Sony Music songstress Veronica Luggya a.k.a Vinka is rumored to have introduced her lover to her parents a few weeks ago in a private ceremony.

It is reported that she restricted the attendees of the traditional function from taking any photos with their phones or other gadgets with preference of keeping it a secret from the media.

Her love life has always been so private and secretive since she hit the music scene after signing as a recording artiste with Swangz Avenue in 2017.

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The 26-year-old is rumored to be pregnant and expecting to deliver early next year. Could it be the reason why she is “hiding”?

You’d trust the rumors if you noticed how Vinka has been uploading old photos of herself on social media. Even the new photos are cropped to only show the face.

She has also not performed at a couple of recent events where you would expect her to feature being such a fans’ darling.

She didn’t not show face at the Swangz Avenue organized Roast & Rhyme event which happened from 11th-13th December at Murchison Falls National Park.

She was expected to make a surprise appearance when Swangz pair Azawi and Nwagi performed at the Club Beatz concert over the weekend but she didn’t.

This has forced several of her followers and fans into believing that she is indeed preggers like the rumors suggest.

She has not cleared the air about the rumors either to accept or deny them and that leaves room for them to keep going on.

The truth shall be revealed with time and we surely wish her well in whatever it is that has kept her away from our eyes.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a mini Vinka?

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