Renown media personality Judithiana Namazzi is mourning the loss of her close relative who passed on today after spending several months in hospital.

Judithiana shared the sad news of the loss via her social media pages as she questioned why God had to take away her close relative on a day which everyone rejoices the birth of Jesus Christ.

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She then requested God to give her courage to keep strong through this trying moment.

Mourning a loss on Christmas day is something that requires great strength. Not just any strength, but strength is given by Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God. All those months in the hospital only to lose the beautiful soul…..Even if I explicitly know that it’s wrong to question and doubt God, I have asked God “why” a million and one times because it’s just hard to accept that my heavenly father could let that happen. I think this happens to so many Christians who suffer loss……or is it just me??? Today I am here to say: I worship, I adore, I exalt, I love, I worship and revere my creator even though certain things don’t seem to make sense. I will live to worship him through his son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. This too shall pass.


Solomon Mwesigwa

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