Karitas Kario, through her Facebook page, curses the “uncivil and untrained” security operatives who have led to the death of several innocent citizens in recent months.

Former Golden Band singer Karitas Kario adds her voice to the several others of local celebrities in condemnation of police brutality.

On Thursday morning, the Bwendi singer posted a long rant on her Facebook in which she speaks against the brutality that has seen several people shot and killed in recent riots.

Karitas thanks Bobi Wine for walking the talk and educating the generation on top of exposing the murders and murderers “disguised as gentlemen in courts”.

“Great thanks to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi for waking and educating this generation as well as exposing these murderers disguised as gentlemen in courts, their greed for power is costing us too much,” Karitas Kario notes.

Karitas Kario

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The singer continues her rant with advice to to the security personnel. She urges them to always think twice before taking action on anything before cursing them.

The police, army and any security personnel before you kill someone cause u got a gun on you, think about what they would do if they got a chance to use the same force on you. You’re promoting hatred.

Your job is to bring peace but all you do lately is cause pain. You’re more of hooligans, you abuse power and authority. Very uncivil and untrained fools in uniforms. May those innocent souls you kill haunt you till you ran mad. #mbakooye busajja mwe.

Karitas Kario

Several local artistes have come under fire from their fans who have forced them to be part of ‘the struggle’ or lose out on their support.

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