The ministry of ICT in partnership with the Electoral Commission and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) has launched a voter information platform called Uchaguzi.

The platform that is accessible on and Android and iOS apps, is meant to ensure that there is access to information on electoral and voter education, and provide a civic education platform that will bridge the electoral knowledge gap.

The civic technology project was unveiled at the Ministry of ICT in Kampala ahead of the upcoming elections on 14th January 2021.

On January 14th, citizens will exercise their constitutional right to vote for the leaders of their choice. The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, in applying its mandate, wants to ensure that as they exercise their right to vote, citizens get access to information, to help them to make  informed decisions.

Vincent Waiswa, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

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  • Uchaguzi is a mobile and web based application that is designed to ease access to information on Uganda’s forthcoming general elections 2021 and assist citizens in making choices of leaders they wish to vote for . It is chiefly designed to educate voters and sensitize citizens on the electoral process. It can be accessed using this link 
  • The Uchaguzi WhatsApp Elections Chatbot is an automated messaging service that will allow Ugandans to get answers to the most common questions about the General Elections 24 hours a day. All the information on the Chatbot will be syndicated across to the citizen’s app as well social media to maintain consistency in the messaging. 
  • The Chatbot will also be purposeful in sending urgent electoral messages to all Ugandans who will opt-in for the service. Since WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging platform in the world, the impact this will have on the Ugandan election will be enormous and can potentially cover as many as 15 million voters.

The project is funded by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, a German political foundation closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

With the 2021 General Elections due on January 14th, KAS is delighted to have partnered with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to bring to you the Uchaguzi digital platform that provides the electorate with all the basic information regarding presidential and parliamentary elections. The Uchaguzi website, the Uchaguzi App and the Uchaguzi Chat-bot outline the key policy positions as presented by the different political parties and independent candidates. They are also a central user-friendly source of accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date information about the forthcoming general elections amidst a pandemic. The digital tools have been created to bridge the citizen’s electoral knowledge gap, facilitate voter education and provide a platform to engage with key constituents of the electoral process.

Anna Reismann, Country Director – Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Uganda & South Sudan.  

The information on the Uchaguzi platform will be supplied by the Electoral Commission.

“The Electoral Commission appreciates the efforts of the Government Citizen’s Interaction Centre (GCIC) at the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance, in reinforcing the EC efforts of educating and sensitizing voters ahead of the forthcoming General Elections” – Mulekwah Leonard, Acting Secretary – Electoral Commission in a communication to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT & National Guidance.

Leonard Mulekwah, Acting Secretary – Electoral Commission

The civic education platform was coordinated at the the Government Citizen’s Interaction Centre (GCIC). GCIC is a unit under the department of Information at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, which facilitates online interaction between Ugandan citizens and the Government through various digital channels. As a primary contact to citizens, GCIC enhances the monitoring of service delivery by providing channels for feedback and suggestions to promote open governance.

Part of the development team behind Uchaguzi

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