Ugandan musician Van Data has blasted fellow artists for not standing with star Nubian Li and music producer Dan Magic who are currently incarcerated for inciting violence and negligent acts likely to spread COVID-19.

Van Data blasted all those that defended Nigerian artists Omah Lay and Tems but couldn’t raise their voices for the duo.

Talking up the issue, the “Oli Muyaye” singer singled out selfishness as the main reason everyone is silent.

“I now 100% really Understand why there is hard love btn us artists and fans in Uganda,”he wrote on his Instagram page.

“A few weeks ago Omar lay and Tems were arrested and their fellow Nigerian artists made noise that also most all Ugandan artists Jumped on for their release.

Van Data

“Where is the noise for Nubian Li and Sir Dan Magic? it was just a day for Nigerian artists and enough noise was made on social media but its a week for these Uganda artist and producer and No one cares why don’t we learn from others??

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“The reason why our president has ruled us for 35 years is because we don’t care about anything else not even generations to come but just our selves and what benefits us.

“The reason why we are underdogs in almost every thing is because we don’t fight and appreciate our own but rather we ran to praise and appreciate anything from abroad as long as people from where its coming from are praising it.

“The reason why people are against us Artists its because we are against our selves we want to jump on trucks that are trending in Other countries rather than appreciating and promoting our own.”

He added; “when someone came up with baxragga which was uniquely ours mwazoleya but let Nigerians or Congolese or South Africans come up with something we all ran. Anni atuloga?”

Nubian Li and Dan Magic were arrested with other Bobi Wine supporters on December 31 ,2020 at Kibale Village, Buyoga Sub County, Kalangala District.

They appeared before Masaka Chief Magistrate, Mr Charles Yeteisi and Grade One Magistrate, Ms Grace Wakholi on January 5th before a section of them got granted bail.

The case was adjourned to January 19 when the remaining suspects are expected to reappear in court for further hearing of the case.

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