Despite Raphael Ssemwanga confessing that he likes fellow men, Zari Hassan rubbished the claims and revealed that her son has a girlfriend.

On Wednesday, Zari Hassan ans Ivan Ssemwanga’s son Raphael Ssemwanga, through a live Instagram video, revealed that he finds men more attractive that women.

Raphael pointed out that it is something he has been thinking about for too long and has come to the realisation that he likes gents.

In his revelation, Raphael acknowledged that he might be judged but that’s what he “sees” in his heart and “just what it is.’

Raphael Ssemwanga

I took some time, I was thinking every time, and I think I like gents. You guys might judge me, you might think it’s not who I am, but in my heart, I see gents attractive and not females but that’s just what it is.

Raphael Ssemwanga

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Raphael’s mother, however, believes that her son was forced to the point of recording the video in order to “discourage older women from disturbing him with their nudes on a daily”.

In a comment on Instagram, the South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman also stressed that Raphael actually has a girlfriend.

On one of Zari’s latest posts on Instagram, a user commented; “@Zarithebosslady Mwano kaniumna kujitangaza ni shoga, mtihani sana.”

“He actually has a girlfriend amechoka na takataka kumtongoza Dm. Wanawake wakubwa kumtumia uchi wao. Wengine kuomba omba Dollar. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is Gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone,” Zari replied.

Screenshot from Zari Hassan’s Instagram post

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  1. Zari kindly seat with your child and get to know him more about what he meant. Cover up for him I support you because his your son. I know a mother would go any extent to make there child comfortable. But please take him to the bedroom and understand him and how you can advise him

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