Zari Hassan is very confident that her son Raphael Ssemwanga is not gay. She, however, notes that she is open to supporting him if he ever changes his sexual preferences.

In an Instagram live video recorded on Friday morning, Zari Hassan cleared the air about the viral video in which his 16-year-old son confessed being gay.

Raphael Ssemwanga confessed that he finds fellow men more attractive and not the women and that it is something he has been thinking about for long.

In her video, Zari rubbished the claims. She emphasised how she is very aware that Raphael has a girlfriend with whom they always hang.

Raphael Ssemwanga and Zari Hassan

He actually has a girlfriend – Zari Hassan responds to Raphael Ssemwanga’s ‘gay’ confession

Zari noted that Raphael only said whatever he said out of frustration caused by mature women who always send him photos of their vaginas in the DM.

Raphael is not gay. Ever since he started going live, since 2017, people have been asking if he is gay and he trolls them and he will be like, “Yeah, am gay.”

Zari Hassan

She further noted that she cautioned him on what he posts not going down well with East Africans and Raphael hinted on how grown women keep sending their naked videos in his DM.

Women are sending videos of their vajayjays in his DM, women are literally DMing nudes to Raphael…women as old as 30. So he is like, “I keep telling them am gay so they can get off my case.”

Zari Hassan

The mother of five also noted that even if Raphael turned out to be gay, she will be fully supportive of his choices because several people have committed suicide for not being accepted in society.

“If Raphael turns out to be gay then am gonna support him because that is the life he has chosen whether you guys like it or not,” Zari noted in part.

About Raphael Ssemwanga’s confession:

A viral video made rounds on different social media platforms showing Raphael confessing how he finds men more attractive than women.

I took some time, I was thinking every time, and I think I like gents. You guys might judge me, you might think it’s not who I am, but in my heart, I see gents attractive and not females but that’s just what it is.

Raphael Ssemwanga in the live video

It is not the first time Raphael is coming out to express his sexuality and claiming to belong to the LGBT community.

His confession has, however, provoked criticism from several of Zari’s fans and critics.

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