Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan strongly believes that there is a section of Tanzanians who hate her because she won Diamond Platnumz’s heart.

In an Instagram live video recorded on Friday morning, Zari Hassan had no kind words for Swahili-speaking nations as she revealed that they are number one in attacking her private life.

The Ugandan South Africa-based businesswoman and socialite attacked Tanzanian bloggers for always spreading negative news about her just to get views on their YouTube channels.

She claims that Tanzanians use internet wrongfully because it is cheap and most people resorted to blogging since they’re jobless.

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Zari described those that attack her as “keyboard warriors” and that their Ugandan counterparts are calmer since one is required to pay a tax to use the internet in Uganda.

Swahili people are so full of drama. What’s the point of attacking me? How is that gonna make you feel better? Most of you don’t even have rent money or school fees but you pay attention to things that don’t matter.

Every other time you always look for a reason to attack (me)…Swahili people have a poor mindset. Is it the free cheap bundles in Tanzania that make you all so jobless that all you think about is how to get on social media to abuse, attack and bully people?

Zari Hassan

Zari also strongly believes that she is hated by Swahili-speaking countries because she won Diamond Platnumz’s heart. Ouch!!

You guys have tried to break me ever since I got with Diamond. What’s the point? You guys bully too much.

Zari Hassan

In the live video, Zari was responding to a call by several of her fans to clear the air about her son Raphael’s claims of being gay.

Raphael Ssemwanga (16), through a live video on Instagram, stated that he finds fellow men more attractive than women.

His revelation provoked criticism from many of Zari’s critics. In the video, Zari rubbished his son’s remarks as she maintained that he has a girlfriend.

The mother of five also notes that his son has her support if he ever turns out to be gay as he claimed in the video.

She vows that not even that will break her because she has been in the entertainment industry for over 17 years and she has seen it all.

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