Clad in a crisp clean white long-sleeved buttoned shirt, navy blue trousers and brown moccasin shoes, Katumba wears a smile as soon as I walk into the room with Deejay Crim.

The night before, Crim – a renown deejay and musician with whom I’ve built a really good friendship – invited me to his video shoot.

His song dubbed Katumba Oyee! has been slowly making its way into people’s hearts since release. As you may already know, it’s a song made for John Katumba’s campaign trail.

John Katumba is a young gentleman who has gained popularity in Uganda having stood for presidency. His character and life story have won him various fans already.

John Katumba and Deejay Crim at the video shoot of the ‘Katumba Oyee’ song

By the virtue that he is a presidential candidate, he is heavily guarded by armed security personnel in anti-terrorism police uniform.

I arrive at the venue, Racers Bar Bukoto, on a Thursday afternoon, anticipating to meet the man that has been grabbing headlines in past months.

Katumba seems like he already knows me as Deejay Crim introduces me to him as “Josh Ruby, a renown blogger from”.

Katumba wears his trademark smile and says, “Ogambaki boss?” “Ndi steady, gyebaleko boss”, I reply. I continue to greet the rest of his team.

Minutes later, the choreographer calls upon Katumba to go through a bit of the dance routine that will be showcased in the video.

“You know I can dance. Let me show you.” Katumba says as he quickly grasps the simple routine, very much the the pleasure of the choreographer.

As it has become a norm of myself, I pull out my smart phone to put my camera to use and take a few shots of him dancing. He tells the other people not to use their cameras but lets mine roll.

John Katumba displaying his trademark ‘index finger up’ sign

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At this point, I know I’ve earned my place in State House if he ever makes it there. So I keep shooting, feeling like I have been around him enough and earned the authority.

In part of his life story, Katumba has been part of the music industry as a music promoter and singer before opting for the top office in the country.

Here I am witnessing that he can dance, that’s a fact. You can add that to his talents.

At around 2:00pm, the cameras start rolling as Biko Visuals gets to work. The dancers get on set first and play their role for the next hour.

Katumba later joins as people start converging in the area to have a look at the famous Katumba. He goes through different scenes, alternating his wardrobe and showing off some boss moves.

For a first impression, I am convinced that Katumba is a likeable character, down to earth and very willing to get involved with whatever the people put forward to him.

He is also extremely shy and at some point when the vixens get so close and start touching him, he shyly smiles and hides his face very much to the amusement of everyone looking at him.

The short behind the scenes clips which I later share online go viral which continues to assure me that even if it might seem clear that the presidential race is aggressively between two top figures, Katumba won’t walk away empty handed when the curtains close.

I leave the scene contented that the 24-year-old’s character is a major force in his life and he is destined for even greater things in years to come.

Katumba Oyee!!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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