Jose Chameleone and Pallaso

Pallaso believes that his elder brother Jose Chameleone lost in the Lord Mayoral race because of the culture of ‘divisions and disbelief in young leaders’ in Uganda’s politics.

Singer-cum-politician Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone lost to incumbent Erias Lukwago in the elections that happened on Wednesday 20th January 2020 in Kampala.

The race that had been waging for several months was brought to closure with the official announcement that Lukwago’s tenure as Lord Mayor was to be extended after the comfortable win.

Chameleone’s brother, also singer Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso, then took to his social media to congratulate his brother for a race well ran.

Pallaso, Weasel and Jose Chameleone

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Pallaso thanked everyone who believed in Chameleone from day one but couldn’t come to terms with how Uganda can attain change with the existing divisions and disbelief in young leaders.

Congratulations my brother. We have walked almost every step of this journey together. Thanks to every one that believed in Joseph Mayanja. I still dont understand how Uganda will attain change by divisions and disbelief in young leaders.


Pallaso emphasised priding in himself for the efforts he sacrificed towards Chameleone’s race for the Lord Mayor position.

Pallaso casts his vote

“We are stronger together. I am also proud of my self as well, i have sang songs, i have risked my life and my career and much more but above all i have done my part,” he added.

The TGM singer wishes that Ugandan politics was different to accommodate each and everyone without disunity.

I wish our politics was different i wish so many things i wish we were more united that divided, i wish we lift each other more, in the next phase lets love each other more, lets push each other more, lets be so united that no one can break the bond. Thats how you win.

Old African proverb says its easy to break one single stick standing alone and harder to break many sticks if combined standing together.


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