Former Presidential Press Secretary, Joseph Tamale Mirundi’s son Tamale Mirundi Junior has talked up his public display of affection (PDA) with controversial socialite Don Zella after attracting bouts of attention from media.

Mirundi Jnr. expressed how he has been dealing with the reactions from his parents and close associates following the actions that drew mixed reactions from the Ugandan entertainment industry fans.

“That photo is a simple thing. The kissing happened in a radio studio where I had accompanied Don Zella for a morning show. It (photo) something someone can describe as a joke; even when read Don Zella’s captions. It was a joke. Don Zella and I are just friends. We hang out a lot,” Junior told Kasuku Live vlog.

Don Zella – a 36-year old mother – posted the photos of them kissing in the studios of local radio station Dembe FM, before captioning; “If kuwoma was a person” (loosely translated as ‘If sweetness was a person’).

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23-year old Mirundi Jnr. further blamed his PDA on excitement; “Those older women are usually friendly. Don Zella has a good side if you didn’t know. I admit what happened is not good but it’s also not that bad. I kissed Don Zella out of excitement.”

He added; “People got it out of context. I did not know that I was that powerful.I have been receiving calls from several powerful people I this country, including my father. I have not talked to him (his father) because I know he will overreact. I have to enjoy my life. I believe I’ll make so many mistakes.”

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