Over the past one and a half decades, the Ugandan music industry has been awash with a number of female ragga-dancehall artistes.

Grace Nakimera, Sera (RIP), Margla, Anita da Diva, G Snake and Minayo had their time while Sumi Crazy, Sharon Peyton, and, needless to say, Karole Kasita are some of the most recent.

At the top of the mountain during that time has been the king herself Cindy, with the rest playing catch-up. Joining the chasing pack is Tila Kijiiko, a rising star in the genre.

While Tila has been around the industry for a while, she did not find the breakthrough with her previous projects “Kijiiko” and “Nyonga Kiwuno” but her latest single “Down” has all it takes to shut down the city. It exudes an intent to take her place in the industry.

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The single leans into the core of modern dancehall sound with a little fusion of old school ragga, particularly in the supporting vocals.

Tila figuratively throws in one of the catchy commonly and informally used Luganda word, “tetukyafugika”, at the introduction and you are drawn into the rhythmic dancehall tune.

In the chorus that is repeated twice, Tila showcases a singing ability with a good control of her voice.

The song was written and produced by Jafo at Karribean Records.

Listen here:

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