Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist Aziz Mukisa, known by stage name Aziz Azion, has shared his embarrassing and hilarious first experience on a plane.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Mwasuze Mutya show hosted by renown media personality Faridah Nakazibwe, Aziz Azion narrated an interesting story of how he used the cup of tea that was provided on the plane to eat yogurt.

When the air hostess returned to serve him tea, she found the cup dirty and had no other option but just to use it the way it was since he had not shared it with anyone else.

This happened while he was travelling to the overseas for a musical performance gig aboard British Airways where they spent three months performing.

The embarrassing experience I clearly recall that I went through on my first-time to board a flight to overseas is when a air hostess served me yogurt and a cup of tea.

Without waiting for her to return, I immediately used the cup of tea to eat my yogurt and when she brought tea, she found my already cup dirty and had no other option just to the use the cup the way it was.

Aziz Azion

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