Tamale Mirundi Junior lost in the vagaries of Don Zella's love

Former Presidential Press Secretary, Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned socialite Don Zella to avoid his son Tamale Mirundi Junior.

This follows Junior’s public display of affection (PDA) moment with the controversial 36-year old mother at local radio station Ddembe FM, during a show.

Junior, 23, claims he kissed Don Zella “out of excitement” but this didn’t deter his father from threatening the latter after learning about her nude video that had been circulating on social media days before.

Mirundi in a lengthy interview with Kasuku Live Vlog, said Junior’s behaviour was a recipe for shame to his family before lambasting his son for keeping questionable company.

“He (Mirundi Junior) needs protection. He will not bring such fraudsters! After showing her nakedness on the internet, she (Don Zella) has extended misfortune to our family..

“If I ever set her my hands on her.. you woman should never come around here! If she ever comes around please tell me, I will brutally flog her! Hands off my son! Hands off! HANDS OFF!” he warned.

Don Zella – also a mother of twins – has been frequently accused of being a cougar. From her facebook post of the duo kissing, several Ugandans were appalled, one commenting; “Stop using the juniors, yet Thea [sic] are seniors….. maternal tears.”

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